about us -j9九游会网址

about us -j9九游会网址

corporate introduction

guangzhou shiyuan electronic technology company limited (hereinafter referred to as "cvte") was established in december 2005 with a registered capital of rmb 668,030,956 and a number of business subsidiaries. as of december 31, 2021, the company had more than 5,400 employees, of which technical personnel account for about 60%. the average age of its employees is about 29.

to date, the company has been mainly engaged in the design, development and sales of display control products such as lcd main control boards and intelligent interactive tablets. its products have been widely used in the field of home appliances, education information, enterprise services and so on. the company has always committed to improving user experience by product innovation and r&d design, creating constant value for customers and users. since its establishment, the company has gradually gained a leading position in the segmented market, relying on the accumulation of software and hardware technologies in the fields of audio and video technology, signal processing, power management, human-computer interaction, application development, system integration and other electronic products, with technology innovation and product development for multiple application scenarios as well as capabilities in product and resource integration. it has also established seewo, a provider of educational informatization application tools and services, maxhub, an intelligent collaboration platform, and other well-known brands in the industry.

cvte regards talents as the driving force of enterprise development and attaches great importance to the selection, cultivation, use and retention of talents. the company has set up a complete training mechanism to help each new member grow rapidly, including basic quality training, professional skills training, job training and management quality training, etc. the company fully ensures the rapid growth of each member by creating a clear rise channel and the platform for talents to utilize their abilities, and providing a comprehensive safeguard measures.


the company will continue adhering to the corporate mission that "our existence let more people have a successful career and happy life", focus on the business philosophy of “experience, efficiency, creation and winning" , relies on the technology and resources accumulation in terms of r&d, supply chain, sales, services and so on, innovate technology and products, so as to gradually develop into a highly competitive and influential technology company in the industry. as a high-tech enterprise, the investment in r&d and innovation is also a key point. the company is equipped with a number of comprehensive laboratories, such as hardware performance laboratory, chemical laboratory, reliability laboratory, failure analysis laboratory, ota laboratory, electromagnetic compatibility laboratory, safety laboratory, acoustic laboratory, etc., which has been invested nearly rmb 100 million yuan in facilities. at the same time, the company also values the protection of core technologies. as of december 31, 2021, the company had more than 6,700 authorized patents, more than 2,400 computer software j9九游会真人游戏第一品牌 copyrights and works j9九游会真人游戏第一品牌 copyrights, 2,285 domestic trademark registrations, and 310 international valid registered trademarks. among them, the company ranked the 54th on the list of authorized patents of inventions of chinese enterprises in 2021, the top 500 with patent strength of listed chinese companies in 2021 (shanghai and shenzhen stock exchange companies), and the top100 of pct international patent application list of chinese enterprises in 2021.


 after 15 years of development, with excellent product quality and social responsibility, cvte has won the recognition and trust of many institutions and consumers at home and abroad. it has won honorary titles such as "top 100 listed companies by value in china's main-board market", "top 500 chinese private enterprises in manufacturing industry in 2021", "2021 chinese corporate social responsibility case awards" and "2021 sustainable brands". as a national pilot enterprise of manufacturing innovation, national technological innovation demonstration enterprise and national intellectual property rights demonstration enterprise, cvte is continuously forging ahead and innovating, striving to make contributions to the country's goal of becoming a nation of science and technology.