artificial intelligence -j9九游会网址

artificial intelligence -j9九游会网址

cvte artificial intelligence

in recent years, as data growth explodes and computing power doubles, neural networks based on in-depth study of algorithms are reaching breakthroughs in a growing number of artificial intelligence areas, and artificial intelligence technology is becoming applied to more and more products, making our lives smarter.

cvte established its central research institute in 2014. from the very start, the team has devoted great efforts to research in the field of artificial intelligence, and has made steady progress in machine vision, voice recognition, medical imaging, natural language processing, and robot control. these achievements are continuously applied in our actual business, making our smart interactive panels, smart display and control, lcd tv motherboards, in-vehicle displays, and smart speakers more competitive in the market place.

in the future, cvte will continue to increase its investments in artificial intelligence, conduct in-depth research of basic technologies, systematically build more application scenes, and apply these technologies to other areas, in order to serve more enterprises.