news -j9九游会网址

news -j9九游会网址


lasting for 2 months, the 2023 nationwide showcase events for maxhub, a brand under cvte, concluded perfectly


since the press conference in may, 121 product showcase events have been held across the country for maxhub, a brand under cvte, which attracted over ten thousand guests and experts to experience the three-space digital solution up close and allowed more people to experience the efficient value brought by the enterprise digitalization in full capabilities and full coverage.


the maxhub three-space digital solution, centered around the software and hardware capabilities of all-scenario collaboration terminals, connects, and integrates data across the three major spaces inside organizations. it enables a closed-loop digitalization for organizations and effectively overcomes the bottlenecks of internal spatial digitalization and collaboration within organizations.


the events in various cities showcased the latest upgraded 4k hardware video conferencing, wireless byom, and audio and video capabilities, and invited users to experience five new terminal products, allowing participants to experience efficient and effortless remote video collaboration.


in addition, maxhub launched a public space integrated service platform, which is highly sought after for its characteristics such as centralized device management and convenient operation and maintenance.


the latest upgrade of the x plan was also synchronized at the event and received high recognition from the guests in each city. the ongoing openness of maxhub in hardware pedestals, software, and integrated management has made many guests look forward to the x plan's success in achieving breakthroughs in future technologies and products.


"spark efficient power, achieve efficient organization" is the brand mission of maxhub. we will keep working to deliver high-quality solutions for the digital upgrade and development of businesses in the future, assisting clients in embracing a quicker, more effective, more secure, and more intelligent digital collaboration experience in the new era of thorough digitalization.

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