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seewo, an education brand of cvte, is serious about corporate responsibility


"because of us, more people enjoy their jobs more and lead happier lives is the mission of guangzhou shiyuan electronic co., ltd. (cvte). the mission speaks eloquently of its strong spirit of corporate social responsibility (csr). public welfare lies at the core of the concept of corporate social responsibility, and is also the most powerful vehicle for corporate social responsibility. all along its journey as an innovator in ict for education, seewo, an education and technology brand of cvte, has adhered to this spirit.

seewo serves! 2016 helps build educational ict infrastructure in the countryside

in july 2016, a large-scale public welfare program called seewo serves! 2016 was launched in the chinese provinces of jiangxi, hunan, fujian, guangdong, guangxi, sichuan, guizhou, and yunnan. for this program, seewo donated interactive smart panels and other ict devices for education, worth more than rmb 300 million, to 35 rural schools. according to the actual situation of each school, seewo donated targeted donations in kind consisting of blackboards, books, sports equipment, and other basic education materials. it also sent specialized trainers to the schools to train teachers in the use of the educational ict equipment.

at the 71st china educational equipment exhibition (ceeia), the seewo serves! 2016 posters with their happy faces and the documentary about the program attracted the attention of many visitors to the exhibition. seewo believes improvement of the rural education environment is essential to the balanced development of ict in education.

public welfare never ends. seewo is willing to be a pioneer to lead the way, and it is manifesting its support for education through practical action and taking responsibility.

seewo and beijing hetian yuxiang create three-link e-classrooms

in may 2013, seewo and beijing hetian yuxiang donated seewo interactive smart panels to zhangjiajie city in hunan province as part of their joint undertaking to create three-link e-classrooms in many elementary and high schools in zhangjiajie.

seewo and the guangdong lions club promote the love core project

as an activity to help impoverished students by the guangdong lions club, the love core project is committed to raising the level of educational ict in remote areas to make up for poorly-trained and ill-equipped teachers at the grassroots level. in this project, merely donating seewo interactive smart panels and other hardware equipment would not be enough. in seewos view, the key issue is how modern teaching equipment can be applied in actual learning situations. in 2013, seewo therefore once again supported the love core project of the lions club by dispatching specialized trainers with detailed courseware to facilitate training sessions at the schools in the project.

seewo and the guangzhou haizhu district education system hold a love exchange event

in december 2014, seewo and the guangzhou haizhu district education system visited schools in shaoguan city, xinfeng county, matou town to bring their love and mutual assistance event. the recipients were primary schools in remote areas with a severe lack of local teachers and hardware. seewo helped these schools build an ict infrastructure for their education and donated seewo interactive smart panels to enable this.

seewo visits orphanages as part of its social responsibility

in september 2016, seewo learned that the basic facilities of an orphanage in longdong, tianhe, guangzhou were outdated. the orphanage has its own hospital, the first "home" when orphans enter the orphanage. every orphan here must go through the hospital's comprehensive health check before transferring to the living quarters. however, in this "first home", the air conditioning and washing machines are very old. two discolored air-conditioners in the ward with a dozen infants are insufficient to keep the heat out. to improve the living conditions of these children, seewo purchased and installed a series of new air-conditioners and washing machines in the orphanage.

these kinds of acts of corporate social responsibility are part and parcel of seewos brand culture and its growth and development in educational science and technology. in the future, seewo will connect its own influence with other forces for good in society to further educational and public welfare causes.