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unveiling the product concept behind the listed company cvte


2017-7-7 from third-party news media

"einstein once said: ask questions like a child. as a manufacturer of products, a creator, you have to keep asking questions about your product like a child. when we return to the origin of things, with the mindset and thinking of a child, many complex issues become simple again. from the world of essential thinking we can change the world."  march 28, 2017, at a media event in beijing held on maxhub, the high-efficiency conference platform of cvte. this classic concept of product design resounds until this day and continues to inspire.

in 2005, cvte was founded as a manufacturer of lcd main control boards, carrying out product design, technology research and development, and supply chain services of tv motherboard cards for the world's major tv brands. fast-forward to 2015 and 2016, and its lcd tv main control board sales stood at 52 million and 62 million pieces respectively, making up 23.26% and 28% of the global shipments of main control boards for lcd tvs in those two years. lcd display main control boards is where cvte started and it remains a major part of its business today.

through continuous investment in research and innovation in lcd core driver technologies, cvte has accumulated many years of cutting-edge technology in its main line of business, but has also creatively extended their lcd applications to smart interactive panels, such as hdmi point-to-point display, 5.8g multi-band video editing, and wireless transmission technology for high-speed low-latency high-definition video. the company has also carefully developed seewo, the industry-leading brand for comprehensive smart education solutions, which has become its second major line of business and is approaching its first line of business in terms of sales volume.

in 2014, a teacher complained that writing on an interactive smart panel was not as real as on a blackboard and that caught the attention of what soon became the seewo team "we asked ourselves: how can we improve the user experience of the blackboard, any teachers most basic tool? how can we make the e-blackboard, the smart board more real, more intuitive for teachers?

during its research, the seewo team found that the poor writing experience on smart boards had many reasons, but delay (latency) was the greatest nuisance. so seewo spent a few weeks to develop a set of tools to test writing latency and conducted a series of comparative experiments to identify the root cause of the problem. it turned out that shortening the time of the cpu output image to the screen display was key to improving the writing delay. but that meant that if you wanted to shave 100 milliseconds (ms) or more off the delay, the deep layers of the architecture of the system needed to be reconstructed. the team set up a task force to tackle this technical issue. three months later, the writing delay had dropped from 155 ms to 48 ms. a smooth, real, fast, and responsive writing experience had come within reach of this teacher!

the success of a product is to bring product insight and user needs together. through focusing on making the product fit user habits, studying users' expectations, and listening to users as they express their needs, technology can be directed toward value-adding creation that will create market pull for the product.

"ict-supported education requires a natural integration of information technology and teaching scenarios in product design from the very start. at every stage of the design and development we thought: how can we accommodate the teachers habits? how can we make the product merge with the learning environment? how can we make teaching and learning simpler? for each functionality inside the product, for each detail of the exterior of the product, we asked ourselves: does this support the process in the classroom? is it easy enough to use for the teacher? can we make the user experience better still?" only this kind of dedicated mindset can make teaching simpler.

building on its strengths in lcd display technology and its many years of experience in the interactive smart panel market, cvte decided to target the huge blue ocean of the world's 67 million conference rooms and build the maxhub, the first highly-efficient conference tool that does away with the logic of single-function products, instead offering an integrated conference solution package of high-quality display, touch writing, and wireless screens, all compatible with a variety of remote conference hardware and software and office applicationsa high-efficiency conference platform that raises the efficiency of meetings [and workflows] in the financial, technology, real estate, manufacturing, and service industries as well as government organizations.

"first of all, it should satisfy the writing needs of the people in a conference room, and it should respect and preserve peoples original writing habits. for example, we observed that when working on a blackboard, people tend to use their hand to erase things. so we developed a gesture-based erasure function. cables and plugs come in many formats and they are complicated, so we tried to make our ports compatible with all plugs on the market until we realized that all these cables restrict peoples freedom, that they’re fundamentally a nuisance. what would you need cables for? that’s how the wireless smart board was born. in fact, before rolling out the maxhub, we studied thousands of conferences to define and refine this conference platform based on users real needs.

using technology directed by insight in user needs, the maxhub high-efficiency conference platform makes for a different and efficient conference experience. no more messy blackboards and chalk on your hands and sleeves! touch writing on this smart whiteboard feels real and smooth. the system supports gesture-erasure, zoom-in, zoom-out, and more. the writing space can be freely expanded [through scrolling in four directions]. moreover, the writing and drawings can be saved by the touch of a button, while a qr code allows participants to walk out with the writing in their pocket. no more struggling with tangled cables and mismatching plugs and sockets. with the one-button wireless screens [1] and easy switching between multiple screens [2], your heart rate can stay down while your business speed goes up. it supports up to eight computers connected at the same time, with flexible switching back and forth. flying around to business and sales meetings? the maxhub is compatible with cisco and other third-party remote conference hardware and software. you can do your negotiations the remote way, amazingly high-tech and high-touch. you’ll meet and persuade your lead before your competitor does, and you clinch the deal!

since its worldwide launch on march 28, the maxhub high-efficiency conference platform has met with wide acclaim from industry and many entrepreneurs. well-known enterprises such as tencent, sogou, sina, mengniu, and china eastern airlines have become key clients for this high-potential business line of cvte in the highly competitive global market place. "this human-oriented conference platform will take over more and more conference rooms around the world, to unleash personal and team creativity and create more value for more and more enterprises."

over the past ten years, cvte has created many products with a great reputation. in future, there will be more change, innovation, and creation happening at cvte. have faith in the power of youth. use a child’s mindset to think about the world, and change the world with it. show the world the power of youth!

[1] wireless screens: for pcs: supports windows7, macos10.10 operating systems and higher. requires usb2.0 or higher, type a interface, and a manual installation driver (free). for mobile phones: supports android5.0, ios8.0 operating systems and higher. requires installing the maxhub screen assistant app.

[2] multi-screen switching: the transmission software supports up to eight devices (computers, mobile phones, panels), whose screens can be displayed and switched easily on the conference panel.