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cvte seewo teamed up with strategic partner intel to promote digital campus construction


in the latest news from the 74th china educational equipment exhibition. seewo, an education brand of cvte, continuing with the theme of the “discovery of small data in teaching,” made a brilliant demonstration of new integrated digital campus solutions and launched new key product solutions such as seewo easy classroom, seewo easinote 5 famous teachers and education informatization application data board. it is notable that seewo and intel declared the establishment of a strategic partnership and both parties held the signing ceremony of the memorandum of understanding for strategic cooperation.

the reporter learnt that seewo and intel will deepen their cooperation from technology to market and from hardware to software in ops, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cloud storage, server and other fields, to provide better solutions for the education sector. 


“seewo has been working with intel in an all-round way for a long time and has been a core partner of intel iot. the establishment of strategic partnership this time will entail more in-depth cooperation and exchanges between both parties and will give full play to the competitive advantages of each. for our part, we will focus on in-depth cooperation in cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other leading-edge technologies. we believe that the establishment of a strategic partnership between seewo and intel will speed up and deepen the application of intel technology to china’s education sector and will promote further growth of china’s educational sector,” said huang minghan, president of cvte future education group. 

when asked about the cooperation between seewo and intel, wang zhicong, sales general manager of intel china, said, “intel has always attached great importance to the establishment of standards for underlying technology and to product innovation. by working with strategic partner seewo, a leading educational brand in china, we wish to deepen exchange with each other and explore into advanced technologies, to comprehensively promote informatization and it in china and undertake technology upgrade and to harness the power of technology to improve education and teaching.” 

seewo has maintained good cooperation with intel. shortly after its foundation, seewo has had in-depth cooperation with intel in cpu products and has maintained the cooperation till today. in 2010, seewo proposed the concept of modular design, which was also proposed by intel almost at the same time, and laid a foundation for intel’s subsequent establishment of the ops design code. in 2016, seewo was named as one of the few “certified partners of intel ops” in china. from the very beginning, seewo and intel have been working closely and steadily. 

future education is one of the core industries cvte has been focusing on. today, seewo has evolved into a well-known education brand, the new integrated digital campus solutions of which have been connecting each step of educational informatization construction via small data in teaching, to build developmental evaluation systems for students, teachers and schools. in the future, cvte will provide more professional, systematic and sustainable integrated solutions for digital campus construction in the context of education informatization 2.0, to help step up innovative development of education. 

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