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seewo, a brand under cvte, won the 2022 southern public welfare communication award·innovation award


the list of the 2022 southern public welfare communication award was officially announced on june 30, 2023. the "public welfare empowers high-quality and balanced development of education" program of seewo that is a education-focused brand under cvte won the 2022 southern public welfare communication award·innovation award.

for seven years running, southern public welfare has chosen the winner of the "southern public welfare communication award" to motivate enterprises to uphold social responsibility. this year, the event is themed "walk the carbon path to the future, embrace responsibility together" and includes three major awards: excellence award, innovation award, and network popularity award. during the period, a total of 114 public welfare programs encompassing a wide range of fields, including rural revitalization, epidemic prevention and disaster relief, educational welfare initiatives, green and low-carbon initiatives, and care for specific groups were received over the period. these programs are distinguished by their diverse types and exceptional quality.


after thorough investigation, analysis, and statistical assessment conducted by the southern public welfare team, it has been determined that 30 remarkable public welfare programs, including seewo’s “public welfare empowers high-quality and balanced education development” program, have successfully generated significant public welfare effect through more innovative approaches and have demonstrated exceptional outcomes in public welfare communication. as a result, all of these programs have been honored with the prestigious 2022 southern public welfare communication award · innovation award.


empower balanced education development, and participate in the construction of digital environment for rural schools

seewo has initiated the public welfare action program since 2016. leveraging its own technological advantages and accumulated resources, and by means of initiatives such as equipment donations and training programs aimed at enhancing the digital teaching skills of rural teachers, seewo has fostered the development of digital teaching environments in rural schools and empowered rural revitalization and balanced education development. as of december 31, 2022, seewo public welfare action has donated information-based teaching equipment to a total of 935 schools, benefiting more than 45,000 teachers and 630,000 students, with a total investment exceeding 49 million cny.


in 2022, in order support the development of rural education in shiqian county, tongren city, guizhou province, seewo donated 13 smart classrooms and 2 remote recording and broadcasting classrooms to shiqian county, significantly improving the local educational environment and helping to enhance the quality of teaching. in addition, the seewo public welfare has officially launched a "special children care program". through this program, seewo has made donations of smart classrooms to special schools, including donating remote recording and broadcasting classrooms and smart classrooms to zhi'ai school in liwan district, guangzhou city, and special education schools in huishui county, qiannan prefecture, guizhou province.



focus on teacher development, help improve teachers' digital capabilities

recently, the general office of the cpc central committee and the general office of the state council issued the "opinions on building a high-quality and balanced basic public education service system", which aims to establish a preliminary high-quality and balanced basic public education service system by 2027. by 2035, students of the appropriate age will have access to fair and high-quality basic public education services, and the overall level steps into the forefront of the world.


digital technology plays a crucial and key role in achieving the balanced development of high-quality education. currently, seewo is prioritizing four significant scenarios in its efforts: digitalizing teaching scenarios, digitalizing teaching processes, digitalizing teacher development, and digitalizing education governance. with its widespread implementation in over 2.6 million classrooms across the country, seewo is making valuable contributions to the high-quality advancement of education.


to improve the overall level of teacher training institutions and teacher training programs, seewo, in collaboration with the department of teacher education of the ministry of education of p.r.c and the china education development foundation, officially launched the "seewo teacher digital capability enhancement support program" in november 2022. it is planned to cover 160 teacher development centers in the key counties under rural revitalization and 72 teacher training universities implementing the "collaborative improvement plan", to support the integration of pre-service and in-service teacher training and the integration of teaching and research. currently, the collaborative improvement plan for teacher education is yielding promising outcomes through the joint efforts of several institutions, including beijing normal university, east china normal university, south china normal university, as well as pilot units in yiliang county, lushui city, and fugong county in yunnan province, and maduo county and maqin county in qinghai province.


in 2023, the program will expand its implementation to include gansu province, qinghai province, ningxia hui autonomous region, and other areas, aiming to further enhance the digital capabilities of teachers across various regions.


*the donation amount and the data on "over 2.6 million classrooms nationwide" are sourced from the "2022 seewo social responsibility report".