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news -j9九游会网址


cvte enters the smart conference market with cvtouch, a conference panel brand


meetings are an important activity in every enterprise. every day, when im not in a meeting, im going to a meeting. ever since the emergence of mobile devices and smart terminals, peoples experiences and such experiences correlation with effects of conferences have sparked new thinking, and a revolution in "conference scenes" is on its way.

originally a cinematographic term, "scene" refers an action at a specific time in a specific space, or a specific process of story scenes created by people and objects. [1] in the internet age, the word is taking on a new meaning.

products created for conference scenes are not simply about products to be sold, and neither is the product experience simply a matter of satisfying functionalities. more and more, consumption takes place at random touch points anytime anywhere, an emotional and spiritual experience of real people in certain scenes.

as a specialized supplier of liquid crystal drive (lcd) products, guangzhou shiyuan electronic co., ltd. (cvte), relying on its accumulated software technology and industry experience in touch, audio and video display, saw the new potential of conference scenes and therefore created cvtouch, the conference panel brand that makes every meeting more fruitful.

in the logic of user-centered technology, hardware and software innovation is about more than a bunch of slick new technical terms to be touted at technology shows. if the user experience in the real scene is ignored, it is difficult to activate creative power in the technology market. therefore, it is not difficult to understand cvtes very first thoughts about conference scenes: efficiency and productivity. from the value of debugging time using a "beamer whiteboard", the effective connection of multiple devices, the communication experience of whiteboard writing, and the interactive collaboration among modern workers, we endeavored to find the sweet spot where attractive and effective conference scenes would make business sense for the manufacturer and users alike.

the cvtouch conference panel is a "new species", comprising a smart whiteboard, wireless beamer, speaker, and hd display all in one. as we transition from paper to screen, the vehicles for information and inspiration will unstoppably gravitate toward creation, manipulation, and presentation on screens. the smart experience in a conference scene enhanced by cvtouch conference panelsgood human-computer interaction design ensures that the device responds better to user behavior and instructions. the detailed display and high-quality interfaces make the experience sufficiently real. as the user uses the device as an efficiency tool and productivity tool, the device becomes more intelligent over time. through a large volume of user research and conference scene usage research, the cvtouch product team uncovered the behavioral motivations of users in a variety of scenes. based on analysis of and responses to potential actions, the team designed the devices and interfaces in ways that respect users real-life habits.

the smart whiteboard [2], offers a close-to-real writing experience, user-friendly gesture operation, easy erasure by the back of the hand, easy adding of punctuation and comments at any time, zoom-in and zoom-out, ensuring intuitive and enjoyable expression of thought and barrier-free flow of inspiration. all whiteboard content can be recorded, and can be immediately taken elsewhere by conference participants through a simple qr scan [3].

wireless beamer [4] supports wireless projection from computers and mobile phones. simply tap for fast projection, screens can be easily switched, ideas can be shared on the spot or anytime, thus enabling "seamless connections" for greater creativity. a large hd display screen allows you to enjoy magnificent imaging quality, so creativity no longer loses its brilliance.

the launch of the cvtouch conference panel has attracted well-known users such as tencent, uc, sogou, china mobile, by-health and other companies.  through a long series of milliseond breakthroughs and endless iterative upgrades, the wireless screen device progressed to the cvtouch conference panel, created through user-centric continuous innovation, driven by the idea of efficiency and productivity, in constant pursuit of an even better conference experience.

in the future, as its research in artificial intelligence areas advance, such as image recognition, face recognition, gesture recognition, speech recognition, etc., cvte hopes to further integrate these technologies with the user-centered conference scene, to make every meeting even more fruitful.

[1] wu sheng, "scene revolution", mechanical industry press.

[2] touch-writing: whiteboard interface that supports direct touch-writing and other interface functions such as touch commands and note taking.

[3] qr-to-go: whiteboard meeting records with a network speed of up to 50kb/s (under testing conditions) and can generate qr codes to support content sharing among mobile phones (data transfer costs to be borne by the users).