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news -j9九游会网址


cvte: a high-tech entrepreneur with a unique character


guangzhou shiyuan electronic co., ltd. (cvte) is not a celebrity company with a huge online following nor a dark horse enterprise chasing and chased by short-term profit.


"because of us, more people find better employment and lead happier lives is our mission, which has been the driving force behind the progress of our listed high-tech company. in fact, a mission defines a companys self-perception and the path of development it aspires to. it is the raison dtre (reason to exist) of why people converge in an organization. if you have such a mission, the people you attract are completely different, and the direction of your expansion will be completely different as well.

because of us, ict gives wings to education 

as one of the first domestic enterprises involved in the field of liquid crystal display (lcd) technology, cvte is a specialized provider of lcd driver programs. founded as a component supplier for upstream tv products, cvte developed from a lowly struggling company to a high-tech campus devoted to education equality, the second phase in our entrepreneurial existence. because of us, more teachers are successful and lead happier lives, and education is given the wings of ict to soar to new heights.

in 2009, based on its strategic value perception of ict for education, and based on its dna in lcd drivers, motherboard design, and software development, cvte founded seewo as a high-quality education technology brand with seewo interactive smart panels as its core for the purpose of harnessing peoples networking power of the internet.

as the seewo interactive smart panel developed a high profile in the educational equipment industry, seewo relied on its entrepreneurial spirit to roll out subsequent innovations: in addition to raising teachers from the dust of drudgery, it developed integrated intelligent teaching and lesson preparation solutions. these mobile interactive teaching solutions help teachers to step down from their podium and get closer to their students. we replace the conventional educational resources, constrained by time and space, with terminal devices that foster interaction between teachers and students, and that close the gap and unlock the fun of learning and discovery.

seewo has evolved into a platform with four pillars: smart lesson preparation, centralized management and control, resource sharing, and behavior evaluation. seewo has also developed 4d practical teaching applications: classic classroom, interactive classroom, recording classroom, and future classroom. seewo provides the education sector with interactive smart panels and peripheral products as the vehicles for integrated educational ict solutions, and drives the development of cvte as an enterprise specialized in ict for education.

cvtes education business is not simply going through a company transformation. its new mission is to drive the informatization of education and explore new education models in the age of the smart internet economy. its future direction will focus on the important task of leveraging technology to improve personalized learning modes and to equip educators with better educational resources. 

because of us, meetings are more fun and useful

entrepreneurship faces many unremitting challenges, which include the interests of employees. when cvte focused on improving the happiness of its employees, the quality of our meetings emerged as an important concern. to improve employees sense of happiness, cvte explored how meetings could be made more enjoyable and fruitful. as a result, unexpected products were born: a high-definition conference panel (consisting of a smart whiteboard, wireless beamer [1], and qr code storage) for conference rooms, quick-touch writing [2], direct-read u disk documents, one-touch sharing of mobile phone screens, flexible interfaces for comments and storage, qr-to-go to carry away contents of conferences [3] ... making good products requires listening to your users. 

thus, after cvte had established its education brand - seewo, it created cvtouch, a conference panel brand, founded on the development concept of efficiency, collaboration, and creation, to enter the smart meetings market. from cvte to tencent, uc, sogou, china mobile, by-health, and chow tai fook... with every new customer, cvtouch makes more and more effective meetings a reality. we hope that because of us, more workers will enjoy their jobs more and lead happier lives.

we wished to expand our care for our employees to care for the health of the families of our employees. this triggered our research in medical technology, a focus on medical resources and work situations in health care, and our entry into smart healthcare.

from the exploration of improving the conventional manual modes of electronic manufacturing, we moved into the field of artificial intelligence, and successfully developed a product line in automatic testing solutions for tv board cards and another product line in optical detection equipment to help manufacturing enterprises unleash their full production potential.

from the components business, future education, business services, smart hardware, artificial intelligence to a position in the healthcare industry, each time cvte founded a new business, it stayed true to its original ambition: "because of us, more people enjoy their jobs more and lead happier lives

since its founding in 2005, cvte has existed for 11 years, but this is just the beginning. this entrepreneurial company is in it for the long haul and doesnt take short-cuts [to easy but fleeting success]. our mission and sense of responsibility keep us going on our road of entrepreneurship.

[1] wireless beamer: a wireless screen accessory connects to a users computer through a usb interface. up to 8 computers can be connected and switch freely at any given time. the computer operating system needs to be win7 or higher or osx10.9 or higher, and needs to have a working usb port.

[2] touch writing: whiteboard interface that supports direct touch-writing and other interface functions such as touch commands and note taking.

[3] qr-to-go: whiteboard meeting records have a network speed of up to 50 kb/s (under testing conditions) and can generate qr codes to support content sharing among mobile phones (data transfer costs to be borne by the users).