news -j9九游会网址

news -j9九游会网址


the maxhub high-efficiency conference platform of cvte held its first national partner conference in shenzhen


shenzhen, also known as vigorous city, is reputed for its high economic efficiency and soaring gdp. on april 25, this fast-growing city witnessed a revolution in efficiency—this day is likely to be the beginning for cvte to change the efficiency of global enterprises and tap into an enterprise-based conference market worth trillions of rmb.  

this is the first stop of maxhub’s 2017 national partner conference following its march launch event in beijing, a move that will touch the nerves of the conference market. for many dealers and system integrators in the traditional oa and it industry, the conference is an opportunity to follow market trend and make profits. 

right time, right place: the current status brings about a new blue ocean market

according to an industry source, the conference equipment industry is experiencing a transformation period, as single-function conference equipment is unable to satisfy the needs of management integration and the pursuit of speed and efficiency for enterprises in the future. nowadays, equipment for one conference room is likely to be a combination of a dozen products which include a projector, screen, audio and others. those functionally-independent devices result in huge maintenance costs and fragmented information carriers, so conference information can’t be quickly presented and transmitted. an improvement in enterprise communication efficiency is urgently needed. 

although many all-in-one conference equipment items, aiming at solving functional integration problems, have appeared on the market, from the perspective of the current situation, these devices feature a similar functions and a closed-system that can still hardly satisfy the demands of industry development. a planning document issued by the ministry of industry last december encouraged enterprises to carry out intelligent transformation and build information sharing service platforms. meanwhile, industry research pointed out, as business organizations are flattening more and more, mobile office and collaboration between different areas have become an important office mode, therefore, there is an urgent need for companies to expand compatibility of internal communication platforms and integrate more office resources.

this means the needs yet unfulfilled will spawn another conference market – a new interest growth point on the verge of breaking out.

maxhub ushers in the conference platform market, leading the industry to transform in a fast, accurate and efficient manner

unlike the positioning of similar conference panels of its peers, cvte targeted the needs of 67 million conference rooms in the maxhub global conference on march 28, bringing in the first-ever “efficient conference platform” to the industry. what arouses the interest of over 1,000 media is not only the high appraisal of insiders, saying its performance and experience can be on par with microsoft’s surface hub and google jamboard, but also the industry value chain it represents as a conference platform:  maxhub not only can bring a wealth of office application resources, but is also compatible with a variety of conference hardware and software, creating unlimited, diversified opportunities for cooperation.

“big enterprises now rarely buy single-functional conference panels, what they need are integrated products compatible with audio and video systems or remote conference hardware and software in their conference rooms. maxhub as a conference platform is very advantageous in openness and compatibility.” said one dealer in an interview. 

expert claims: revolution of efficiency is imperative, the conference platform market sees great potential

liu xingliang, president of dcci internet research institute, believes that the internet era will arouse the needs of efficient collaboration as many enterprises and institutions are implementing decentralized management which stresses specialization and cooperation between professional groups and efficient cross-regional cross-industry communication. an open and efficient conference platform is just what they need to cope with the new competitive model. therefore, it seems that modern enterprise management is destined to usher in a new chapter of high efficiency.

he also said that maxhub has not only created a new category in the large conference market, it will also take a huge market share from the huge cake if it can become a real revolutionary on traditional interactive display products.

market watchers and industry investors believe the conference platform market is still in the frontier stage. enterprises who enter the industry very first will gain substantial revenue once they establish a leading position. cvte and maxhub’s partners who can grasp the new trend in the first stop of partner conference may achieve tremendous success in the nearby future.